Publishing Source

The Anchor Program Registry at hosts a catalog of verified programs on Solana both written with and without Anchor. It is recommended that authors of smart contracts publish their source to promote best practices for security and transparency.


The Anchor Program Registry is currently in alpha testing. For access to publishing please ask on Discord.

Getting Started

The process for publishing is mostly identical to

  • Signup for an account here.
  • Navigate to your Profile on the top navbar.
  • Click "Generate New Access Token".
  • Run anchor login <token> at the command line.

And you're ready to interact with the registry.

Configuring a Build

Whether your program is written in Anchor or not, all source being published must have an Anchor.toml to define the build.

An example Anchor.toml config looks as follows,

anchor_version = "0.30.1"
solana_version = "1.18.17"

members = ["programs/multisig"]

cluster = "mainnet"
wallet = "~/.config/solana/id.json"

multisig = "A9HAbnCwoD6f2NkZobKFf6buJoN9gUVVvX5PoUnDHS6u"

multisig = "A9HAbnCwoD6f2NkZobKFf6buJoN9gUVVvX5PoUnDHS6u"

Here there are four sections.

  1. [toolchain] (optional) - sets the Anchor and Solana version to use. By default, the builder will use the current versions.
  2. [workspace] (optional) - sets the paths--relative to the Anchor.toml-- to all programs in the local workspace, i.e., the path to the Cargo.toml manifest associated with each program that can be compiled by the anchor CLI. For programs using the standard Anchor workflow, this can be omitted. For programs not written in Anchor but still want to publish, this should be added.
  3. [provider] - configures the wallet and cluster settings. Here, mainnet is used because the registry only supports mainnet binary verification at the moment.
  4. [programs.mainnet] - configures each program in the workspace, providing the address of the program to verify.


When defining program in [programs.mainnet], make sure the name provided matches the lib name for your program, which is defined by your program's Cargo.toml.


Anchor Program

An example of a toml file for an Anchor program can be found here.

Non Anchor Program

An example of a toml file for a non-anchor program can be found here.


To publish to the Anchor Program Registry, change directories to the Anchor.toml defined root and run

anchor publish <program-name>

where <program-name> is as defined in [programs.mainnet], i.e., multisig in the example above.

Contribution Guide