Getting Started

Hello World

To initialize a new project, simply run:

anchor init <new-workspace-name>

This creates a new anchor workspace you can move into. The following are some of the important files in the folder:

  • The .anchor folder: It includes the most recent program logs and a local ledger that is used for testing
  • The app folder: An empty folder that you can use to hold your frontend if you use a monorepo
  • The programs folder: This folder contains your programs. It can contain multiple but initially only contains a program with the same name as <new-workspace-name>. This program already contains a file with some sample code.
  • The tests folder: The folder that contains your E2E tests. It will already include a file that tests the sample code in the programs/<new-workspace-name>.
  • The migrations folder: In this folder you can save your deploy and migration scripts for your programs.
  • The Anchor.toml file: This file configures workspace wide settings for your programs. Initially, it configures
    • The addresses of your programs on localnet ([programs.localnet])
    • A registry your program can be pushed to ([registry])
    • A provider which can be used in your tests ([provider])
    • Scripts that Anchor executes for you ([scripts]). The test script is run when running anchor test. You can run your own scripts with anchor run <script_name>.